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How to Install an Operating System?

April 13, 2020 Digital Marketing

Most of the people are not from a technical background hence they are unable to do stuff like installing an operating system on their own. If you are also having the same situation then you must be looking for proper guidance on how to install an operating system. Installing an operating system is simple and we are explaining it in a more simplified way. In the next few minutes, you will be using your newly installed operating system. We divided the process so that you can understand that more easily.

Decide The Operating System to Install

There are plenty of operating systems are available in the market that you can try. According to your needs, you can buy them even most of them are free of cost such as Linux based operating systems. But most of the people are more likely to go with windows based operating system. Because of the simplicity that windows offer is not given by others. Because of the user-friendly and less complicated nature, you should install windows if you are just an average user of computers. Currently, Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft. Currently, Windows XP, 7 as well as 8 not used in the current generation computers. Because Windows 10 offers great features and stability as well as its latest too most people prefer windows 10.

Where to Buy an Operating System?

If you decided which operating system you need you to have to buy it. It is extremely important to buy it from a trusted source. if you are going to install a free one then you should download it from there official website. Similarly, if you are interested in windows then you must buy it from there official website rather than downloading free and moded windows because installing a modified and cracked operating system can result in security issues. You can also buy windows CD form a retailer. Downloading a copy of the operating system is the most common way to start with. And you can store it for later use also. If you have an old pc then you should go with windows 7 because with old hardware the windows 10 is going to be less comfortable. Hence you will get more stability and faster performance in your pc. Similarly, if you have new hardware then you can go with windows 10 without any dought.

Installing Operating System Form CD/DVD and USB Flash Drive

There is two most common way to install an operating system. Once you get a copy of your operating system you have to store it in a CD/DVD or you can make a Bootable flash drive. You can find out more about bootable flash drives and how to make them on the internet there are plenty of tutorials available. No matter which one you choose both of them have some steps to follow. if you are going with the CD/DVD then you have to make some changes in boot sequence by entering into computer BIOS. In BIOS you have to set CD/DVD as a first boot device. Or if you are using a USB them you have to select USB as a first boot device.

By pressing a specific key on the computer startup computer will launch the operating system installation program. The key can be different on some computers but the most common key is delete or one of the function keys given on the top of the keyboard. Once you started the installation program you have to configure your desired settings and install the program.

Thing to Avoid and The Most Common Mistakes During the Process

  1. Selecting the right version of the windows

This is the most widely done mistakes of all time. The operating system comes with two versions the first one is 32 bit and the second one is 64 bit. Modern processors are based on 64 bit for batter performance if you have a new CPU then you have to select 64 versions of the operating system. And if you have the old one then you have to go with 32-bit versions of windows.

  1. Selecting the right driver to install

Most people get confused when the program asks for which drive to install in. you have to select the right drive otherwise you’re important to detect will be deleted.

  1. Not saving the program files, images, and documents

because all these things are stored in the C drive if you are running the windows. Because all these girls are stored in c drive these files will be deleted on your next windows installation.

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