How To Make Money As Digital Artist?

How To Make Money As Digital Artist?

There is a convention in people that if you are an artist you can’t earn good money. But in the current time of digitalization, it is hard to say that a digital artist can’t earn well. Today’s world is digitally growing and we can say that there are many ways to make money as Digital Artist.

How Much Money Does Digital Artists Make?

Most people have this question about how much digital artists earn. As such we cannot tell you the exact income earned through digital art. But we can probably say that the income of digital artists is based on how strong the base of followers is. And how much they have the demand for their product.

If they have multiple followers or subscribers or their products are popular among their audience. They can receive a good earning through digital art.

So today, we will inform you about some of the methods or ideas through which digital artists can Generate money. Let’s begin

Ideas To Earn Money As Digital Artist 

Ways To Generate Income Through Digital Art

These are some ideas that will help in earning money from digital art.

  • Promote Art on Instagram
  • Teaching Art Online
  • Writing An Art Blog
  • Creating YouTube Videos 
  • Freelancing

Now we will explain to them one by one, that will make it easy for you to choose any one from them. And you will get an idea of how to make money as a digital artist.

Making Money As A Digital Artist By Promoting Art On Instagram.

Instagram is a social platform that is used for connecting with people across the world. But at present, we can also use it to earn money as Digital Art. People are using Instagram as the best platform to promote their digital art. 

Promoting art on Instagram is based on how many followers you have. If you have a large number of followers your content will be more in demand.

Here are some ways to sell your art through Instagram-

  • The content should be of high quality so the user can interact with it. 
  • Captions of the content should be creative and attractive.
  • You should use appropriate hashtags for your post. So that your art will be easily reached to the audience.
  • Regularly post on your page like twice or thrice a week.
  • Write your bio that would be interesting to the user.
  • Instagram is a social networking app. So you should befriend those who will help you by sharing your art and gaining followers.

For the artists, Instagram can be beneficial in two ways: first, you can promote your artwork or guide the user for your sales process.

You will not directly earn if you do not have a large number of followers.

Can Teaching Art Online help You Earn Money As A Digital Artist?

Teaching Online is the finest way to earn money with digital art. You can just teach online or make a course according to your choice. For online teaching, you just need a microphone, a camera, and some knowledge of video editing.

Before you start teaching online, you should make a to-do list that will make your task easy-

  • First of all, you should join classes of other artists and learn as a user.
  • Ask other artists about their work, the duration of the class, promoting their videos. And make good connections with other artists.
  • Prepare a syllabus that will help you in sorting out what you will teach in your class.
  • Ask your friends to check out your idea. If they like it or not, take some good suggestions from them.

So these are some things you must do before you start teaching online. Now we will discuss how can you earn money from online teaching-

  • Host your courses on popular platforms like Udemy, Vedantu, Skillshare.
  • Promote tutorials classes on your website by making video tutorials, e-books, or images.
  • You can make your YouTube channel on which you post your lessons weekly or twice a week as per your suitability.

It is a good method which offers you income as well as a lot of learning.

But also, it is a time-consuming and difficult process so you should have to be calm about that. For teaching excellently to your students you need to buy amazing digital painting software. Therefore, You can buy the best one at a budget cost after using Clip Studio Paint Coupon.

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Writing an Art Blog, Does It Help You To Generate Income As a Digital Artist?

Various online courses teach that anybody can become a writer even now. Writing an art blog is a part of digital art. When you write a blog, it can be more imaginary than words. 

Here are few points you should follow before writing an art blog-

  • Use tutorials for attaining great results.
  • Make reports on new presentations and art galleries.
  • Take interviews of local artists.
  • Make videos on your art describing how you paint and the topic written on it.
  • Write articles from your point of view about the latest trends and acts.
  • Give your reviews on new art materials.

Another way to earn from your blogging is by making committed reviews, paid ads, or promoting your alternative products through your blogs.

While writing a blog you have millions of opportunities to express yourself or connect with your audience.

Blogging is a time-taking process. So if you want a good earning from it you have to work for it all day long.

How Do You Monetize By Creating YouTube Videos?

Nowadays YouTube has become the most used social media platform for digital artists. People use this as a great method for selling digital art online and making money. 

Multiple artists are working with YouTube and sharing their content through videos. These videos can be of any type such as vlogging, tutorials, tips & tricks, etc. And it is so easy to upload videos and gain views on them.

Before creating a channel on YouTube, you must keep these things in mind, which are-

  • The gender of your viewers, like you, are making videos for which specific gender.
  • Your audience belongs to which age criteria. As you have seen some of the content on Youtube fall under adult content only for 18+ age viewers.
  • The location of your viewers. Like at which region your videos are most watched.
  • The watching time for your video. When your video is most-watched. 

These are the steps that you follow before creating a YouTube channel. After this, it’s time to monetize by creating YouTube videos. 

  • The first way to monetize is to connect with a YouTube partner program and receive income from there.
  • You can sell multiple products on YouTube like clothes, mugs, bags, etc through your YouTube channel. It will be profitable for you.
  • You can ask your audience for FanFunding. If you are creating good content for your viewers and they would like to watch you. They will surely contribute to your channel.
  • Similar to FanFunding, you can also ask for Crowdfunding. It is used when you need to appoint new actors, buy good instruments for your channel, or recover production costs. You seek help from your audience for that.
  • You should work as an influencer with good brands.
  • Promote your YouTube videos to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Creating YouTube videos makes you confident and brings a positive impact on you. But this is not a method of becoming rich quickly. It requires several subscribers and views on your videos for earning a stable income. To increase views on Youtube videos use VPN software.

How To Monetize Digital Art By Freelancing?

There are many questions for earning money with digital art as a Freelancer. We will try to solve them for you.

Freelancers are those who are hired by a company and provide the services by the hour, day but not as regular salary workers. They work as a designer, writer, or performer.

Here are some ways for Freelancers to sell digital art online and make money. Let’s have a look-

  • You can sell your vector designs, for this, you can look in on those websites that are popular for selling vectors.
  • Sell your art and illustrations by printing them. Or you can make posters or canvas for your art and sell them.
  • For promoting and selling your art you have to influence the audience.
  • Some sites offer you to sell your own designed products. So you can design your products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc, and sell them to earn money from them.
  • Use some of the popular social media platforms to promote your art such as Instagram, Twitter. 

Using Freelancing as a money earning option for a digital artist is good. You become your boss, all profit goes to you.

Besides these, you have to work very hard to achieve profits.

Conclusion: How Do You Monetize Digital Art

These are some ideas that you can use for earning money as a digital artist. These all are based on your skills which method you use for it. If you use these methods wholeheartedly you will surely earn a great income from them.

So it’s upon you what idea you will choose for making money with digital art. But we can surely say that after reading this article you will get a method to make money by selling digital art.

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