What Is the Difference Between Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security?

What Is the Difference Between Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security?

Kaspersky is a global leader company in the market of Antivirus and internet security. It provides antivirus and internet security products for the general home and businesses. Nowadays, online safety becomes crucial due to harmful online threats and cybercriminals. On a daily basis, people surf the internet for kinds of purposes. But some are the data eating websites and even some have harmful threats. Hence, using an internet security service is a must for better safety and security. Kaspersky is providing its services for over 20 years and it provides numerous products. The two products of the company are popular and it’s both quite confusing for the users. Kaspersky’s total security and Kaspersky internet security, people get confused what’s the difference between these both plans. In this post of Kaspersky total security vs Kaspersky internet security, we will know about the features, pricing, and advantages of these both amazing products.

The Overall Comparison Between Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security

Both are the internet and antivirus Softwares. But the Kaspersky total security is the successor of the Kaspersky internet security. The total security offers the premium total security with advanced technologies. And the internet security product is to give advanced security with online threats and ransomware. It’s a successor of the Kaspersky Anti-virus products that offer the Essential antivirus for Windows – blocks viruses & cryptocurrency-mining malware. The price of the Kaspersky total security is a little bit higher than internet security because it offers more features. But you can also use the Kaspersky coupon codes to get big saving discounts.

These are some more similarities between both products:

  • Helps to Block viruses, crypto lockers & other threats and malware.
  • Both have the feature to protect payments, with bank-grade encryption technology.
  • It secures passwords & images of personal documents
  • Encrypts data you send & receive online – VPN. Use the tunnel encrypted technology to provide more security and privacy.
  • Advanced feature that stops webcam spies watching you in your home.

For which Kaspersky internet security is ideal?

For those who want advanced internet security with more features. If you are already using the Antivirus, then it’s the upgraded version of that antivirus with some extra features. Kaspersky is the big name in the cybersecurity and antivirus market. Whether you are online on the PC, Mac, and Android devices, the software will provide total safety. If you work from the home or business and you are serious about the security, then use this plan. It protects you from viruses, crypto lockers & other threats. Secure your browsing history and prevent yourself from the data eaters and trackers that cause you harm. The tunnel encrypted virtual private network of the Kaspersky remains your web privacy. Moreover, it also detects the spyware hiding on your Android device.

For which purpose Kaspersky total security is best?

It is best for Multi-device family security. With the use of Kaspersky’s total security, save the whole family with antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, and VPN. However, it’s a successor version or plan of the Kaspersky internet security so it has all features of this product. Moreover, total security has 87 more technologies – all in one license. The amazing feature that helps to guard the kids with advanced parental controls. Stay your kids protected and see every online activity of kids. It allows you to offer the best parental controls Includes ‘bad content’ blocker, GPS tracker & more – on PC, Mac & mobile.

Is Kaspersky Lab security products worth the money?

Yes, it’s worth the money because the company is the award-winning service provider. The Kaspersky antivirus solutions have already blocked over 1.9 billion attacks. There are more following statements that tell about the worth of this product.

The Kaspersky antivirus won a lot of industry recognition, including PC Mag rated our 2019 Anti-Virus ‘Excellent’, PC Mag rated our 2019 Mac protection ‘Excellent’ and more.

It securely works on different devices like PC, Mac, and mobile – including on iOS and Android operating systems.

Advanced technological and better parental controls including Web content filter, Screen time & app use controls, Social network tracker, etc.

Easy-to-use tools help you to protect your family’s privacy with multiple devices support. More benefits like Private Browsing, Webcam Protection, Anti-Phishing.

Are there any Kaspersky coupon codes and promo codes?

Yes, it is. Explore the latest deals and discounts on our website. For our readers, there are Kaspersky coupon codes available. From the use of our codes, you can get up to a 35% discount on the products of the company.

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