Hostgator Rs 99


Hostgator Rs 99 web hosting plan with free Domain Registration

Hostgator Rs 99

Most People are always looking for affordable deals. Those who are planning to set up their website for the first time HostGator is giving them a chance to get everything done in just 99 rs. Now anyone can buy HostGator Rs 99 Web Hosting and get a free domain as well. This low-cost hosting deal is bringing tough competition among web hosting companies. The Rs 99 web hosting is becoming famous for newcomers because it contains all the necessary features that are required for building an appropriate website. You must buy this hosting plan if you are planning to host new websites because HostGator is giving feature-rich hosting in just 99 rs in India. You have to pay only 99 rs per month because you will get a 50% discount on web hosting only if you buy their 5-year plan.

Why you should prefer HostGator Rs 99 hosting?

Everyone should prefer web hosting at rs 99 if the plan is loaded with useful features. Today if you search for affordable hosting plans in India you will hardly get the desired price and features. That’s why we suggest you that you must take a look at lest to the features and price of this hosting plan. although it’s an affordable plan HostGator provides quality services all the time. The 99% uptime is enough for a new website to grow. With this plan, you are getting HostGator 99 rs domain for free as well which means you will save more money. You have to pay only 5,940 Rs for 5 years which means you have to pay only 99 rs per month. If you decide to buy a monthly plan then you have to pay 199 rs/month which costs more. Hence buying HostGator 99 rs hosting is a smart move.

What HostGator offers in there Rs 99 web hosting plan?

Hostgator offers a verity of features in there Linux shared hosting so that the buys can enjoy the services that other hosting companies don’t offer. You will get a single domain hosting, 10 GB storage space, 100 GB transfer, 5 email accounts, and many more. You will get free SSL and domain as well. There are many more features that will help you in building a website in just a few clicks. Web hosting at 99 Rs is one of the hottest deals that you can get nowadays.

Get Hostgator 99 Rs Domain Registration

A domain name is the first thing that everyone has to buy before hosting. Those who want to buy only a domain can try HostGator. You will get the HostGator domain at 99 rs which is a great deal as compared to other ones. It is better if you want web hosting as well because as said above you will get a free domain name and a free SSL with HostGator 99 rs web hosting. Therefore you can get your desired domain name at an inexpensive price.

Why 99 rs HostGator web hosting is perfect for a startup?

99 rs HostGator hosting

For a business, it is important to save as much money as possible so that the businessman can invest it. And HostGator web hosting is available at a 50% discount which means more savings. Reliable and fast service is the main feature that everyone is looking for. Hence for a startup, the 99 rs web hosting is the perfect option. Also, the HostGator 99 web hosting plan has all the stuff that is required to build an all-rounder website. if your website is going to be only a text-based website with some images then this hosting plan will be the best option for you in the market.

What about the uptime and stability of the 99 rs hosting plan?

Although it’s an affordable hosting deal you will get 99% uptime and stability as well. Hostgator offers value for money services to there customers which means you will get great hosting service in just 99 rs. You will get satisfaction if you are going to buy the service from HostGator. There are many positive reviews from the customers saying that hostgator provides best services as compare to other hosting companies.


Even though that HostGator Rs 99 hosting comes under the budget hosting plans in India. It gives premium and usfull features to there users. The 5 year plan gives 50% off and you will get a free domain as well as SSL too. The HostGator 99 rs domain is also a very great deal if some one whant to buy only a domain. Purchasing this 99 hosting plan is a smart choice for new buyers.

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