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Microsoft Windows: The Most Popular Operating System

Microsoft Windows is a set of diverse proprietary graphical operating system families developed and marketed by the Microsoft Corporation. The Windows operating system plays a very crucial role in the computing industry along with personal computers PCs. Windows provides a way to store files, run the software, play games, watch videos, and connect to the Internet, thanks to its GUIs graphical operating system. Due to its graphical user interface, it is getting so much popular between general consumers and furthermore corporates. The first version of the Microsoft windows was “Windows NT” and after this version, the company introduced numerous versions including present-day version Windows 10.

Microsoft has registered several trademarks for its every window and they will dominate the 90% share market of the computing industry. However, the company admitted that it is facing some downwards in the operating system market due to Android, in 2014. But we also don’t deny that the Windows operating system is still demanding and the majority of the personal computers are running on that. So if you want to buy the Windows 10 then use our Windows coupon codes and get the nice discount during the checkout time.   

Which Concept Is Behind the Name of Windows?

According to experts Microsoft, most of the names of the products are in a single word. Moreover, the company wants a word that best describes its new GUI operating system, hence they chose “Windows”. Because it has the capability to run different multiple windows that allow several tasks at the same. Hence, Windows described the best what its operating system can do. However, the trademark for the common name like “Windows” is acceptable so the company trademarks the “Microsoft Windows”. After the release of the first version of Windows, the company launches its more upgraded version with better features and graphics.

How Many Several Versions Launched by Microsoft?

Microsoft Corporation introduces diverse generations of Microsoft operating system products as the demand for new generation computer operators. All versions include new features with an advanced graphical user interface that make doing tasks on the computer simple, manageable and flexible. These are the following generation versions that year by year launch by the Microsoft:

  • Windows 1.0
  • Windows 2.0
  • Windows 2.1x
  • Windows 3.x
  • Windows 9x
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

Windows 10 Is Become Now More Popular and Usable

Microsoft announced Windows 10 on September 30, 2014, as a successor version of the previous versions of the windows. It is the present-day version of the operating system that is used by the majority of the consumers, due to it providing a better smart menu and you can access the Microsoft store directly from the menu. Windows 10 offers better security, user interface, graphics, and more powerful features with an all-new Microsoft office. The user experience is far away better in Windows 10 due to its incredible features.

What Are the Advantages of Using Windows?

There are numerous benefits when you are using a Windows operating system. Above windows 8 versions can enhance your computing experience in a very flexible way. Whether you are using it or not but in reality we all use the windows due to its availability and ease of doing tasks. There are many options available out there including Linus, Android, macOS, and others. But still, Windows is the most used operating system by consumers all over the world. Let’s explore some advantages of Microsoft Windows:

  • Ease of use – It provides a better user interface with very features that can increase your productivity in a more flexible way. The smart menu will give you access to all the essential applications of the system that you need.
  • Available software – Like android, in windows also there are huge collections that are accessible from the Windows store.
  • Backward compatibility – The newer version of the windows is better than older versions windows. But you still run all the operating systems whether they are old or new in the same device.
  • Support for new hardware – Easy availability of the hardware for the windows because the software market is dominated by the windows so you can also get the hardware for your device.
  • Plug & Play – There is no requirement to do tons of coding and commands line for run the windows in any device. Nowadays only you have to do just switch On the device and the window can run on the way.
  • Games – If you are a game lover then you can get all the demanding games for the personal computer that runs on the windows. Moreover, you can get the load of games collection from the window store, some are paid or free.
  • Compatibility with MS driven websites – Internet explorer is the most popular web browser in the Microsoft windows for surfing the internet. And all websites are compatible and accessible from its web browser.

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