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For accelerating business we need Kofax software for collecting documents, transforming them into accurate and delivering them init your business applications, workflows, and database. Grab this amazing Kofax promo code to make huge savings on your purchase.

And this is the high time of purchase Kofax software for all the data work related to your business. Kofax provides many offers Kofax coupon codes from time to time so that people who want to accelerate their business the right way can access it at a low cost.

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About Kofax

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Kofax helps organizations to transform platforms intensive business processes, reduce manual work plus errors, improve customer engagement, with minimal costs. It helps to mitigate compliance risk, increase profitability and growth of the business.

Kofax has supported a lot in many fields like - financial, government, insurance, health care, supply chain business process outsourcing, and other markets as well. Also, Kofax offers solutions through direct sales, service organizations with more than 650 indirect channel partners, and integrators within more than 60 countries throughout the world.

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KOFAX is an intelligent automation software provider that is used by millions of people around the world. It works for true digital transformation plus it can help to build profits and revenues. It can smartly power your processes and is the market leader in the field of pdf software.

For people who are willing to take a membership of it so for them, it is high time to take a subscription to Kofax because it is providing 20 % discounts on all the plans of Kofax Pdf.

By using Kofax you can do a lot of activities such as - turn in documents & data into savings, creating, digital transforming your high-value workflows, turning financial processes into strategic assets, processing documents, and electronic data transfer, converting, transforming, and managing files and work effectively.

Kofax Coupon Code www.promocodelive.com

How Much Can You Save With The Kofax Discount Code?

On this exciting deal, you can save up to a 20 % discount but there are other voucher codes available on which you can at least grab up to 30 % - 40 % on a one voucher code.
Most of the time it has been observed that we get latest and more discounts at the time of festivals and on a big celebration so if you want to save the maximum amount from your pocket then you can take a subscription at the time of more savings coupons.

Is The Kofax Promo Code Is Limited?

Yes, unfortunately, All the Kofax Discount Codes are limited and have the duration of Expiry so if you don't opt and miss the lucky chance Coupon codes will be expired and you will not be able to grab these amazing offers and deals again.

What Features Do I Get With The Latest Promo Code Of Kofax?

Well, with this attractive  Kofax voucher code you get all the latest and advanced features of Kofax software.

Just have a look at all the features that you get with the latest Kofax discount coupon.

Kofax Advanced Features

  • Convert Pdf Files - By using Kofax you can convert Pdf files in just seconds even Pdf files into excel files too. With this, you can add or update a section of documents and modify them into excel as well.
  • Automatically create and fill forms - This function is amazing because Kofax provides some creating tools for automatically scanning documents and adding form fields to the appropriate locations smoothly. This is an intelligent t system for making it easy so that users can easily collect information, send, or share it
  • Edit Pdfs and Annotate - Kofax offers some markup software and annotation tools for the successful creation of documents. You can also share or engage in real-time collaboration on a local network.
  • Strong security encryption - In this advanced technological world, we need to have our digital privacy for that Kofax gives the best security protocols with  AES 256 Bit Encryption so that a user can be satisfied and make sure that his data or pdf with Kofax is safe and protected with multiple passwords.
  • Integration with cloud storage - For the peace or relaxation of mind of users Kofax Provides some connectors for tools such as share point that permit your document pdf transfer to the cloud storage instead of going in the local disk drive.
  • Sign and Request signatures - Kofax has an editor function where you can edit or Sign documents or give approval easily. You can also replace wet ink signature practices.
  • Split and merge Pdfs - Well, don't stick in the issue of PDfs If you are using  Kofax so don't need to worry about splitting and merging because you will be able to split documents according to a wide range of rules or combine them.

These are the various features that are powerful and have some advanced tools and technology so that users can access all the solutions of Pdfs in software.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kofax?

Pros. of Kofax

  1. Flexible
  2. Affordable pricing plan
  3. Stable platform

Cons. of Kofax

  1. Error handling
  2. GUI Updation

How To Use The Latest Kofax Promo Code?

For using all the latest  Kofax discount coupons you just have to go through some easy and simple steps and after that, you will be to acquire all the latest deals and offers of Kofax.

  • In the beginning, you have to visit promocodeslive.com
  • Now Click on the Kofax store
  • Select the latest offers and discount coupons of Kofax
  • After this, you will be redirected to the official website of Kofax with the applied Coupon code.
  • Fill in the short required details
  • Choose the payment Option
  • Check out you must have got a discount.

Does Kofax Offer 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee?

For the convenience of users, Kofax offers 30 days money-back guarantee on all individual license products. If a user is dissatisfied with the services of it then you can cancel the subscription of Kofax and the paid amount will be refunded into the same bank account.

What Is The Kofax Pricing Structure?

There are two types of pricing plans of Kofax Power Pdf - individuals and business plans.

Individuals plans:-

S.NO Kofax Power PDF Individual plans  Price Range
1. Standard For Windows  $129
2. Advanced For Windows  $179
3. Standard For Mac $129

Business plans:-

S.NO Kofax Power PDF Bussiness plans  Price Range
1. Advanced for Windows  $179
2. Advanced Volumes for Enterprises Not Available
Frequently asked questions by common users
Does Kofax Have Customer Support?

Yes, Kofax has good technical customer support for dealing with issues of users of Kofax.

Does Kofax Offer A Free Trial?

Of course why not for exploring all the advanced features of Kofax It gives a free trial of 15 days with a money-back guarantee so that a surer can be sure and take a decision to take a suitable subscription.