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Microsoft Breakdown: #1 Operating System and Productive Software Providers

Microsoft Corp. is the American multinational technology company and it sells computer Software, consumer productivity Softwares, and electronics. Microsoft is the Number One operating system and the most used utility software provider in the world. There is nothing wrong to say that the company holds the majority of the market share globally in the operating system and productivity software. We are all very familiar with Microsoft and use their productivity software suck Microsoft Office to ease the daily personal and professional tasks. The company is well popular for its Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Office, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. The majority profit of the company comes from its windows, office consumers, Gaming, and devices. However, currently, they also provide the many Microsoft store coupon codes and promo codes through websites like us, so its consumers can get discounts on their products line.

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Microsoft Provides More Products than the Operating System

Microsoft Corporation does not only manufacture operating systems but they also produce many more products that might be we are not familiar with. The company also produces, develops, and manufactures a much wider range of consumer and enterprise software for personal computers and laptops. Moreover, the company provides tabs, gadgets including electronics and Xbox gaming console, and server solutions. Microsoft is also trying to capture the market of the digital world including its Internet search engine Bing, Cloud computing solutions Azure, mixed reality HoloLens and software development Visual Studio. Furthermore, Microsoft acquired the many big multi-million dollar companies like LinkedIn and Skype technologies, these are the company's most controversial acquisitions.

What are the industries covered by the Microsoft Corporation?

Microsoft Corporation already dominates the operating system industry. But they also begin to dominate the other big industries like:

o   Software development - Windows operating system and it's Azure DevOps, GitHub, Microsoft BASIC, TASC (The AppleSoft Compiler), Visual Studio, Windows API, Windows SDK, Word BASIC, Xbox Development Kit

o   Computer hardware - Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablets and Laptops.

o   Consumer electronics - laptops, tabs, gadgets, and gaming consoles

o   Social networking service - Skype and LinkedIn

o   Cloud computing - Azure and HoloLens

o   Video games - Xbox Game Studios Video Games and Microsoft Casual Games. Some famous games are Minecraft, Age of Empires series, and Banjo-Kazooie series.

o   Internet - Bing, Microsoft Comic Chat, Microsoft Pay (mobile payment and digital wallet service),, Windows Essentials, and Yammer.

These are some examples of the Microsoft Company but many more products and services are provided by this humongous tech company.

The History to the Founding Of Microsoft

Microsoft was founded by the two childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Allen the guy who suggested the Micro-soft name, a short and smart combination of microcomputer software. The company entered the operating system industry in 1980 with the two original versions of operating systems Unix (multitasking and multi-user operating system) and Xenix (A discontinued version of Unix operating system for several platforms).

However, this entry-level software is good but the turning point for Microsoft is MS-DOS (An operating system for the personal microcomputers). In 1985–1994 Microsoft launched the Microsoft Windows with better graphics, and Microsoft office with word and excel. And they never look back, Microsoft continually understands the market demand and launches the many useful update versions of the windows like Windows 95, Windows XP, and Xbox.

After 2007, Microsoft introduced many more products according to the new era demand like Microsoft Azure, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows 7, and Microsoft Stores. Furthermore, they are currently much more upgraded and continually launch the high upgraded, productive, and flexible versions for Windows up to 8, 9, and nowadays 10. Microsoft office 2010 offers better graphics and utility functions that boost our productivity more. The company also launched the digital Microsoft stores that we will discuss further.

The Evolution of Microsoft Logo

The very first logo design of Microsoft is like the Pac-man logo in 1987 design by Scott baker. The present-day logo which we saw introduced on August 23, 2012, is the fifth logo of Microsoft. The logo color represents the Company's some popular products that are Windows (blue), Office (red), Xbox (green) and Bing (yellow). This software company tries many various log fonts and designs over the period. However, the slogan of the company has also changed over time. The beginning slogan of Microsoft's is "Your potential. Our passion.", "Where do you want to go today?", "Be What's Next.", "Making it all make sense.". The present-day slogan representing the company is "Be what’s Next.". They also make a trademark for it.

What is the Digital Microsoft Store?

Microsoft store is a platform for window users around the globe and it provides all features and essential applications in one place. This digital store is similar to other platforms like Google play store and the Apple store. Microsoft conglomerates with its other platforms like Windows Marketplace, Windows Phone Store, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox Store, and creates an ecosystem of web storefront also known as Microsoft Store. It’s formally known as Window Store and it becomes a tremendous distribution point for applications, games, digital music, E-books, and digital videos. Some content available on the window store is free to use or some are paid. However, there are numerous original Microsoft store coupons providers like us that will help you to save maximum money on the paid content. You can easily access any type of application or content according to necessities with the full safety and more flexible way.

Incredible List of Microsoft Office programs

Microsoft Office programs are a set of interactive desktop or Laptop applications, servers, and services that help to increase productivity whether it is personal or professional. This program covers the numerous services and servers including:

  • Mac operating system
  • Microsoft office 365 – Subscription plan that offers the many product lines of Microsoft for the personal, Business, and corporates.
  • Desktop applications like Access Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project Publisher, and Skype for Business Teams, Visio Word.
  • Server - Skype for Business Server and SharePoint
  • Web-based applications -, MS office online, Bookings, Forms, Kaizala, Planner, Stream, Sway, Tasks, and Teams To-Do Video.
  • Other Office tools - Shared tools, Ribbon Hero, Ribbon Hero 2
  • MS Technologies list - Information Bridge Framework, Object Linking, and Embedding, Office Open XML, Office XML formats, Smart tags, Visual Basic for Applications, etc.

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Microsoft Store Coupons

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Some Microsoft Store frequently asked questions

Microsoft Store questions

What is the Microsoft Store app?

Microsoft store is a digital storefront that offers the windows users to download and use the content of the web in one place. It’s like google play store and apple store.

How do I use the Microsoft store?

On the desktop or laptop, Open your system and tab the Window icon button, find the Microsoft store logo in the shopping bag, click on it and you will land on the Microsoft store.

What is the difference between the Windows Store and Microsoft store?

Both things are the same. Microsoft just rebranded the windows 10 store into Microsoft Store. Might be, the reason behind this they want to sell more things than software products. Hence, with the Microsoft store, they can sell more products or services whether it is software or hardware.

How to use the Microsoft store coupon codes?

The condition for eligibility for the Microsoft Store promo codes and coupon code, you have a new account of Microsoft. If you don't have then create it. Then you have to do only one thing: just click on that coupon code link that is available on our website. And you will directly land on the official Microsoft website with the automatically applied coupon if it applied then use it manually.