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Is NameCheap Reliable?

Richard Kirkendall founded NameCheap in 2000 intending to provide value for money hosting and domain services for average people. Because name cheap believes that internet presence is extremely important for everyone they provide affordable plans. Further, you can save more by just using NameCheap Promo Code 2021 when you are checking out. Although the services are quite affordable for everyone who want to establish their business online. But most of the people have doubts about the reliability of NameCheap services.

They offer domain and many web hosting services to their customers at a low price. Today's name cheap has over 3 million clients who trust them and established their website which means that they give stable services. NameCheap offers reliable web hosting and domain registration at a great price. This means that they give great and stable hosting solutions to average internet users.

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What features make NameCheap web hosting Reliable and secure?

The server is the main reason for website speed and stability. Many small efforts result in a fast and responsive website. The performance of the website largely depends on the webserver first then it comes to website elements and content.

Here are some features provided by NameCheap to make there hosting such a great value for money and secure web hosting. Not only web hosting but also they provide many other services for free to make sure that the internet is safe and secure for everyone.

  • Namecheap uses a dell server technology for web hosting which is highly capable to give 100% uptime every money. Not only dell they also use HP, and Supermicro technology.
  • There all web servers have at least two processors, four hard drives protection by RAID and 16 GB of RAM.
  • To counter website causing crashes and runaway scripts NameCheap optimized their servers by using CloudLinux.
  • Namecheap uses the latest hardware and software firewalls to protect their servers. Also, they regularly scan for security threats and put there best efforts to secure the operating system that their servers are running.
  • NameCheap is giving 50 free PositiveSSL Certificate with all hosting plans for one year. Positive SSL is a great entry-level certificate for those websites that don't store a large amount of user data.
  • Auto backup is also available which is very useful for saving time.
  • The company also offers free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection for a lifetime.
  • They provide next-level security as well as uptime with premium DNS.
  • New Content Delivery Network (CDN) for better site speed.
  • Also, provide VPN service at a low price.
  • New Identity Verification method.
  • Free Two-Factor Authentication for more security.
  • Free Public DNS service.

There are many more benefits that you can enjoy if you hire there web hosting services. And working NameCheap Coupon Code is available for you if you are going to buy there hosting plans.

What other Products and Services NameCheap offer?

Namecheap offers not only domain and hosting service but many others too. Such as free DNS service, Premium DNS, many different SSL certificates, Whois Lookup, domain Marketplace, Personal Domain, and newly updated TDL list. Namecheap also gives a business card and logo maker tools. Namecheap also posts a knowledge base and useful articles on their blog that you can check out. Their website is filled with tons of useful stuff that you will find amazing. They also offer SSL Reseller Program, Reseller Hosting plans and Affiliate Program too. Therefore if you want to earn then you can try them with your newly build website.

Latest NameCheap Promo Codes 2021 for domains registration and web hosting plans

Getting an online presence is important for every business nowadays. If you are planning to build a website especially at a low price then NameCheap can be the best option for you. Because the company is named themselves NameCheap every one gets attracted to them. Although they give affordable services to there clients they also focus on giving high-quality service as well.  To save more money on hosting services and domain you can use NameCheap Promo Codes. Here you will get the latest 2020 web hosting deals and offers. the company offers many deals and offers on every plan that you can buy. Not only NameCheap but also you can search for and get many other deals and offers from our website.

How much one can save on web hosting by using the NameCheap Promo code?

NameCheap Promo code

You will get discounts on every hosting plan by using NameCheap Discount Codes. If you buy a shared hosting yearly plan then you will get 50% off for the first year. Similarly, by using our NameCheap Promo Codes you can get huge discounts on every web hosting plan. Therefore you can enjoy NameCheap services at a low price. Because of the stability and technology of there web servers NameCheap is considered to be one of the best web hosting providers. If you buy their service you can build a website without any problem. Namecheap is already giving competitive prices in the web hosting industry for both hostings and domain. You can go even low on the price by applying our coupon codes.

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